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Providing continued development opportunities for our MBEs and Corporate Members is a top priority for NMSDC. Our new NMSDC Learning Center offers access to an extensive catalog of top learning and training resources, courses, and webinars-available online for choice and convenience.

Media Training: 04. Social Media

Build your company’s brand by gaining an overview of social media and learning


About NMSDC Learning Center

For most business the biggest obstacles to pursuing or providing quality professional development are TIME and BUDGET. With that understanding, we collaborated with top e-learning professionals to provide our MBEs and Corporate Members with a dynamic online learning management platform. Featuring a curated catalog of relevant topics, this learning management system offers flexible programming, on-demand course selection, and 24/7 online access.

You'll quickly discover that NMSDC Learning Center is convenient and cost-effective resource for building and expanding your team's knowledge and skills. Specialized learning tracks bring the classroom experience to computer screens [and mobile devices] for individual learning and self-paced course completion.

And to be sure NMSDC Learning Center aligns with your budget, you can select form customized subscription options for MBEs and Corporate Members.

Educational Focus Areas

Select from skill-centric courses, industry-specific programming or certification pathways to create you customized NMSDC Learning Center curriculum. Click an icon below to preview a course sample.

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    Business & Strategic Planning

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    Sales Process / Sales Training

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    Financial Management and Reporting

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    Customer Service

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    Financing and Funding the Business

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    Employee and Leadership Development

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    Crisis Management

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    eCommerce and Online Selling

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    Human Resource Management

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    Marketing The Business

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    Business Legal Entities

Why NMSDC Learning Center

It's no secret that we're in an increasingly competitive economy. Why not give yourself and your business the advantages of gaining new knowledge and fresh perspectives? You can be sure the immersive learning opportunities available through NMSDC Learning Center with resources in an innovative online format.

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